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Detailed A/C Cleaning/Tune-Up

Having your air conditioner cleaned yearly can save you big money on your electric bills and prevent air conditioning failure and costly repairs during the cooling season. Call People's Choice Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your air conditioning cleaning/tune-up, to ensure you and your family have a cool & comfortable season.

Should I have my air conditioner cleaned yearly?

Yes. You should absolutely have your air conditioner cleaned yearly to prevent unwanted breakdowns and extend the life of your furnace.

Is it expensive to have my air conditioner cleaned?

No. Actually it is very inexpensive to have your air conditioner cleaned and tuned-up. In fact you will be saving money because your air conditioning system will be running at peak performance, and you will have lower monthly electric bills. 

Do you clean all brand air conditioning systems?

Yes. We are very familiar with all major brand air conditioning systems and all of our technicians go through rigorous training to ensure that they can competently do air conditioning maintenance and cleaning on all brands. 

Will it avoid my A/C warrantees if I do not have my air conditioner cleaned yearly?

Yes. All manufactures recommend having your air conditioner cleaned yearly. If you do not clean your air conditioning system yearly the manufacturers will not honor the warrantys.​​

What will People's Choice Heating & Air Conditioning do when they

clean my air conditioning system ?

We do the following on all of our air conditioning cleanings:

• Check thermostat
• Calibrate thermostat
• Clean air conditioner
• Remove all debris from unit
• Inspect furnace filter
• Inspect furnace blower
• Oil blower if necessary 

• Oil motors
• Check fan belts
• Check fan blade
• Check freon level
• Check amperage draw
• Check temperature draw
• Check temperature drop
• Check electrical connections

Air Conditioning cleaning & maintenance